Golestan Jahan Nama Resort IRAN,Gorgan Back

The Jahan Nama resort is located in a very attractive and spectacular area in north of Iran which may not be very famous. This interesting resort with a great landscape is always welcoming a large number of tourists and people who are interested in pristine nature. Stay with us to travel to the Golestan province. This province is famous for having variety of beautiful and unforgettable natural areas. In other words, the amazing nature of the Golestan province of Iran has a global reputation all over the world. The Jahan Nama resort located in the Golestan province is among good and extraordinary attractions that it’s not possible to describe its beauties via words. The resort is located exactly 60 Km southeast of the Kordkuy city in the Jahan Nama hillside with a height of 3086 meters from the sea level in the protected area of Jahan Nama. Dear travelers lead to the resort through a beautiful road including most diverse pristine and eye-catching views of jungles with a pleasant and great climate. We should take a suitable car to pass the subway dirt road and reach the Jahan Nama plain. The beautiful road is very long but the time is limited to walk and enjoy all beauties of the pristine nature. The village located in middle of the plain consists of bungalows of inhabitants of the Gorgan and Kordkuy cities. The Jahan Nama jungle is one of the valuable and important touristy sources of the Golestan province which is protected at the moment with an area of about 30650 hectare based on approve of the supreme council for the protection of the environment. The Jahan Nama mountainous district and Jahan Nama resort is known as one of the touristy destinations of the Golestan province from long years ago and its rare beauties attract a large number of travelers from all over the world. It is noteworthy that verity of beautiful landscapes, attractive views, waterfalls, valleys, various types of animals, different cultural and historical monuments, interesting jungles etc. are among other very popular and exciting attractions for any traveler. The people of the Jahan Nama village are very intimate and hospitable. They are Muslim like most Iranian people and talk with a pleasant local dialect. We strongly recommend not to lose here as a heaven over the clouds.

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